What we do

Soft skills development, personal and business coaching as well as Human Resources Support. We are run a variety of soft skills training programmes during the year in both Gauteng and the Western Cape. Our greatest success is our trainer development and Tremendis Learning uses the Internationally recognised CompTIA CTT+ Train the Trainer Certification for this. As a neutral vendor based certification, this Train the Trainer programme has successfully helped trainers become Microsoft Certified as well as gaining certification with Adobe and Novell. A list of programmes that we offer can be found by click on the Training Programmes link on the left.

Our Coaching and Development programmes are praised by individuals and corporates alike for being exciting and engaging. They bring about long-term, sustained change because learning is guaranteed! Tremendis runs one-on-one as well as group coaching programmes. Most of our soft skill programmes are also available as a one-on-one coaching intervention. Coaching has proved to be the most effective way to transfer knowledge and for changes in behaviour to be sustained.

We also play a support role within Human Resource departments on various aspects. We assist with initial Job Analyses, followed by Job Descriptions and Competencies. We then consult on the design of your performance plan, create your retention strategy, design your flow chart and operational procedures and even help you manage performance problems.

What makes us different

Our name suggests that what we do is of the highest value. Tremendous learning is what our learners receive. Tremendous service and integrity underpins all of our customer and learner interactions. We add flavour to our learning by using a variety of creative media. We use practical,interesting and relevant theories to complement our training and take action in making sure that our learners do learn from our training programmes and not just have a good time.

About Monre Botes

Monre is the Managing Director of Tremendis Learning. His lifelong passion and involvement in training and development led him to become a certified Business Coach and he remains actively involved in leadership development. With a particular interest in social psychology, Monre uses selected theories in his coaching and training sessions to ignite a wider perception on human relations in coachees and learners. Monre often quotes Bruce Barton, who stated, “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things I am tempted to think… there are no little things.”

Monre is supported by a dedicated team of professionals, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their specific fields of expertise. With passion and commitment to excellence running through their veins, the team is…. Tremendis!

Our Accreditations

Tremendis is an accredited training institution with the Services Seta. We constantly review our training programmes to ensure they align to the exacting requirements of the National Qualifications Framework.

We are also a registered Coaching organisation with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors associations of South Africa).